Jaipur Chokhi Dhani Village Half Day Tour

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Jaipur Chokhi Dhani Village Half Day Tour

About Chokhi Dhani :

Choki Dhani, an outstanding vacation destination in Jaipur is known for its rich Rajasthani legacy and social declaration. The name signifies 'Rajasthani Culture' and this hotel town is a reasonable festival of it since it was set up in 1989 and has been serving International and Local sightseers since 1994. This hotel involves a progression of revamped town hovels with dairy animals excrement mortars and improving divider craftsmanship. The spot is away from the hustle of the downtown area where nature is alive and invigorating.

It was set up in 1989 and has been serving nearby and universal vacationers since 1994. It has machines and various stages for performing specialists. It additionally holds smaller than normal town fairs at times.


  • Absorb the climate on a mobile visit
  • Venture back in time on a history visit
  • Free lodging pickup and drop-off included

    Things to see

  • Folk dance:

    Among the stimulation choices in the town, you should appreciate the conventional move of this locale. Entertainers lead Kalbeliya move, Chari move, Ghoomar move, and significantly more.

  • Indian aerobatic appears

    There are various gymnastic shows where specialists stroll on the rope, go through labyrinths, hop on shafts and significantly more.

  • Animals back rides

    The town gives a wide range of rides around the zone. Top creature rides to appreciate in this area are bullock truck ride, elephant ride, camel safari, horse ride and considerably more. The most regularly selected one is the camel ride.

  • Photography

    Cameras are permitted inside the town and you will have a million excellent and bright things to click. Aside from this, you can spruce up in ethnic wear and take pictures. There are independent slows down for this movement.

    Chokhi Dhani is the best spot for getting a charge out of keepsake shopping. There are various slows down including Kalagram, where you can purchase unique Rajasthani crafted works and other gift stores.

    Puppet Show is additionally another fascination at Chokhi Dhani

    Tour Schedule

  • Be gathered in the early night at 5:30 pm from your Jaipur hotel and moved to Chokhi Dhani.
  • Found 30km (18miles) from the city on Tonk Road, landing at around 6:30 pm.
  • At Chokhi Dhani everything there for you. The point is to save and energize the town.
  • Workmanship and culture, to get the present age nearer to their past, to change the way of thinking of the world about Indian town culture.
  • Investigate the town all alone until roughly 7 pm when you'll eat at a Chokhi Dhani café (included) before leaving for your convenience in Jaipur.