Jaipur Elephant Village Tour

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Jaipur Elephant Village Tour

Visit Overview

Spots Covered: Located on the edges of Jaipur, This elephant town in Amer is one of the most well-known homes of elephants in Jaipur. Start your outing in a car vehicle from lodging in the morning, and locate a warm welcome in Rajasthani customary path at elephant town. Here you can encourage bananas or sugarcanes to elephants. Spent fun time with elephants by understanding their language, distinction between Indian and African elephants and their medication and their behavior. Subsequent to investing some energy with elephants you can appreciate canvases on an elephant with common hues. Toward the finish of movement go for the most astonishing thing that is showering, scouring and kneading the elephants.


  • Length: (4-5 hours)
  • Hathi Gaon: Visiting the elephant village in Jaipur
  • Elephant Ride/ Elephant Safari


  • Elephant nourishing
  • Elephant washing
  • Walking and painting Elephants

    Things to hold

  • Soft & Comfort Cloths
  • An additional pair of clothes and a towel
  • Sunscreen lotion, skin moisturizers, and balms
  • A couple of shades and camera (if essential)


  • Be light and polite towards the Elephants; cruelty towards the animals could be a punishable offense
  • Advert to the tour guides
  • Don't participate or encourage littering of the places in any type
  • Avoid mistreatment plastic baggage and choose eco-friendly baggage
  • Ne'er feed something to animals while not permission from the guide