Jaipur Night Tour

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Jaipur Night Tour

Jaipur is the encapsulation of legacy and illustrious heritage. It is excellent during the day however much more so around evening time. Stroll through the tight back streets loaded up with individuals, appreciate the flavor of nearby food, watch the society move, and let your jaw drop at before the mammoth strongholds frequenting magnificence around evening time.

Around evening time Jaipur is extraordinary, not normal for the day, night temperatures are lower and significantly more calming. You can stroll around the city with a cool wind, tasting on some hot espresso, attempting some hot fiery feast and getting a charge out of the Rajasthan.


  • Hotel get and drop (Starting: 4 pm and Ending: 8 pm)
  • Guided visit
  • 5 Mainstream Spots to visit
  • Night Drive

Spots shrouded in the visit:

  • 1

    You will be taken you a vantage point for having an airborne perspective on the Jaipur city at Night. The drive there will be through a delightful forested slope. Three of the greatest posts are arranged on these slopes (Amber Fort, Nahar Garh Fort and Jai Garh Fort). The principal goal will be Nahar Garh Fort. We will stop by at the dusk point where in the event that you need a have a beverage From there you can see the best perspective on the Jaipur particularly during the hour of the Diwali Festival. Nahargarh Fort offers a stunning elevated perspective on lit up Jaipur City during the Night voyage through Jaipur.

    Please convey a decent coat (winters – November, December, January and February) and waterproof shell in Monsoon (July and August). In the event that you have binoculars would improve your experience of Jaipur Night Tour.

  • 2

    Enjoy the delightful night perspective on the stronghold all things considered. Found high on a slope Amer Fort's view is the central vacation destinations in the Jaipur at Night.

  • 3

    Later on we will drive towards the Water Palace with a lovely perspective on the royal residence encompassed by water. Attempt to catch the awesome minutes with the camera. Jal Mahal royal residence offers the wonderful impression of lights in the completely clear lake that encompasses it during the Jaipur night safari.

  • 4

    After the castle, we will drive towards the Palace of Winds to encounter the wonderful night's perspective on engineering. Hawa Mahal or Wind Palace is so named in light of the fact that it was basically a high screen divider manufactured so the ladies of the imperial family could watch road celebrations while staying concealed from the outside world. Hawa Mahal offers a wonderful view Night voyage through Jaipur.

  • 5

    During the total Jaipur Night Safari we will pass the territory of old Streets of Jaipur including Jewelry Street, Small Cross Road, Big Cross Road alongside some old structures of Jaipur.

  • 6

    Finally crash further into the city to see Albert Hall all lit up around evening time. This visit will leave a dependable memory of how really wonderful Jaipur at Night. When these sights will be visited the movement master will drop you at your hotel.

The Jaipur Night Safari - Night voyage through Jaipur will be finished here.