Rusirani Village Jaipur Same Day Tour

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Rusirani Village Jaipur Same Day Tour

Visit Overview

Rusirani Village is a one of a kind town remotely situated on a hillock in the rustic background of Rajasthan. Mapping its heading in remote North Rajasthan, this goal is approx.100 Km from Jaipur. Encompassed by the desert-like Aravali slopes, the locals carry on with an actual existence established in family and kinships. The town is named after the sovereign of Alwar. It is said that the sovereign was vexed and she left the Alwar stronghold to remain in this town, interpreting it from Marwari ('RUSI'- UPSET, 'RANI'- QUEEN) What is so captivating about the setting of this town is that one feels they've voyage 200-300 years back in time. There is no power, no web and no telephone in Rusirani Village, and just good old transportation serves its unpleasant, imperfect and soil track streets.


  • Experience the rustic life From the nearest quarters
  • Live the Culture
  • Find out About The History
  • The Hospitality Of Villagers

    Tour Itinerary

  • Reach Rusirani Village. Meet us at the gathering point Narayani Mata sanctuary From base bounce on into Jeeps and arrive at the town situated on the hillock driving from the strenuous landscape. Go for a stroll into the life of the residents remaining here and take an interest in neighborhood exercises. It is a sight to encounter the satisfaction of these energy-filled local people. At night visit the delightful Rusirani fortress and Neelkanth Temple, investigate the unpredictable carvings and superb design of this semi-destroyed sight. At sunset, in the midst of the view simply stop and gaze at the excellent setting sun which is making the skyline blazing. A sight worth freezing for. Later at night, drive back to Jaipur.